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Remission is the mission

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

One year ago, Zach got some devastating news after feeling sick for a couple of weeks. He thought he had a long lasting flu. Never did he think that it would be cancer. Zach was diagnosed with leukemia during the pandemic. Of course it was tough on his family and friends to watch him go through treatment from afar. Treatment is never easy and when you mix in the hospital rules during the pandemic, either is visiting loved ones while sick.

Zach had a great support systems though, even with COVID restrictions. Caileen supported him every step of the way. She truly showed unconditional love through the good and tough times.

They both loved each other every day, unconditionally.

When Caileen asked me to do a Remission Session, it was an immediate "Yes Absolutely!!".

Caileen and I met at Illinois State University during our undergrad. As you can see from her beautiful and contagious smile, she's an absolute joy to be around. I think that's why Zach loves her so much. But then again, Zach is one of the reason why she's so happy and glowing.

The silver lining: Zach and Caileen battled together and now Zach is in remission, enjoying life and loving Caileen every day. Praise the LORD!

Capturing Caileen and Zach enjoying every second together during their remission session was an honor. There was an effervescent feeling throughout the entire shoot and it definitely made life more clear after that day.


Life is precious.

Let’s live each day with purpose, empathy and love.

Time is fleeting; we must spend the quality time we have fueling our bodies, mind and soul with healthy mechanisms to help us prosper.

When our head hits the pillow, we know we tried our very best...and if we know we didn't, we try again the next day.

We also need to show ourselves and others grace. We don't always know what others are going through.

We should call the ones we love and remind them how special they are.

We need to remind ourselves that empathy isn't just for others but also for ourselves.

We need to remind ourselves that we are enough and to support others in knowing that they are enough too.

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